Arsenal vs Southampton, Lacazette goal,

Arsenal vs Southampton Result :

Southampton leads the Arsenal At stMary’s to smell their first win at home a very long time.

Arsenal was unhappy with their performance, failing to win seven of their 15 matches.

After the two horrific defeat left Unai Emery back on dressing room with uncomfortable.

Hanging him with previous thoughts, they are on the track, they are still alive on the title.

Arsenal has more enough to do.

their upcoming Matches against Tottenham and Manchester United at home would not be hard to face.

The game was extremely outstanding, Southampton weakness appeared at the beginning of the match.

Alexandre Lazazette Goal:

When Alexandre Lacazette and Henrikh Mkhitaryan dropped the bonus for Arsenal and pushed into fourth place.

Southampton picked the almost unthinkable shot against Arsenal around the field, but the result was zero for them.

There was no any prospect of a repeat performance remained after the early goals added by Arsenal.

Is there any vanity Emerged,?

Yes, we can frequently say because the visiting manager and their players had shown some haughtiness on their previous result for two weeks.

The first goal by Arsenal was completely hasitatable from a Southampton side.

Because jack to have bundled over Lucas Torreira inside the area.

suddenly Southampton stopped the referee who did ‘not care about it and allowed to play the game.

“There is one way to be a succesful team against Arsenal, you can’t give the goals away so easily” Hasenhuttl said.

The second goal Was superior for Arsenal.

when Iwobi ran back toward The area and pushed very swiftly to Mkhitaryan.

who sliced the ball comfortably into the corner area.

Lacazette must have had a hat trick in the first half, but he was unable to take advantage of the occasions.

All things considered, the match achieved a decent end, the two groups go up against their determination.